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The Geronimo Event Center, which is located next to Chiricahua Desert Museum, was completed in 2016. Both facilities are located in the beautiful countryside of New Mexico's bootheel in the town of Rodeo. Views of the nearby Peloncillo and Chiricahua Mountains are breathtaking.


Owing to its spaciousness and large commercial kitchen, GEC is able to accommodate meetings of up to 400 people. One main feature is the state-of-the-art audio-visual system and a 20' x 20' screen, which make for a very enjoyable experience whether attending academic lectures or watching a Hollywood action adventure movie.   


The lobby of Geronimo Event Center doubles as a museum to honor Geronimo, a prominent leader from the Bedonkohe band of the Chiricahua Apache tribe, and more generally the Apache Nation of the region. The GEC is of especial historic interest because it is located just 15 miles east from where Geronimo surrendered to US troops on April 1, 1886.

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